Sun Conure - Anchorage AK.


5 Years
Jul 16, 2014
Anchorage Alaska
So we have had our Sun conure (Shenanigans) for about 4 years now and we had managed to teach our original two dogs not to view him as food. It was nice, since that allowed Shenanny to spend most of the day outside of his cage and spend time with us. Well about eight months ago we added a new puppy to our family and life for the poor bird had not been well. My oldest son also added a pup and we watch him during the day, so we basically have two, eight month old puppies in the house. It has been very difficult getting the puppies to not harass the bird and he is spending way too much time cooped up in his cage. The occasions he has been let out have been frightening for him. Shenanigans has become very unhappy and as a result, very loud, all the time. It is not fair to him to keep him in his cage all day and we have decided it is time to find him a new home, where he can go back to having the freedom of being out of his cage and spending time with his humans. We have a large cage that will go with him as well as toys and food. We just want him to find a new home so he can be happy. He is fairly grumpy at the moment so the new home would have to work with him a bit.

Anchorage, Alaska.

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Sep 12, 2015
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Poor guy! We had the same problem with our cockateil when our new pup Denali (like the name?) came along. We bought a higher more sturdy cage so the cockateil could still hang out on top where he likes. We work with Mr. Denali, but he's just got that chase response when the bird flies!

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