Sunbathing hen


8 Years
May 24, 2011
Hi I would be grateful for any advice. My bald ex battery hen Chloe lays in the sun all the time (it's not strong enough to burn her). All the others wander around the garden pecking but she is happy to lay in the sun and peck a few nearby strands of grass. Sometimes she digs a hole in the soil and rolls around flapping her wings and then just sleeps there for a while. Is this normal?
Mine do that...sometimes I have to walk over and check them because they get so relaxed I think they are dead LOL!! They enjoy the fun and laying in the dirt holes they make!! I would say she's enjoying herself...
Phew! Thank you for your reply. I am very relieved I only rescued her three weeks ago and she is my favourite hen I love her so much. Sometimes she sits in her dirt hole and makes little noises - sometimes I think shes singing to herself lol.
sweet lil' thing....sounds like she's trying to soak up all the sun she missed out on when she was mistreated. i'm so thankful you saved her! i'd LOVE to save a couple, but i don't know how to go about it. i've checked locally, but i don't think there are any close to me.
I have two girls that love to sunbathe and one who just stands there waiting for them, looking very disgruntled. The sunbathers will also make little peeping noises. It's like ultimate chicken relaxation.
Aw I'm so glad they are happy. As you can tell I have never had chickens before and haven't been able to find any literature on rehabilitating battery hens. But every day is so rewarding I can recommend it. If you live in the UK you can contact the British hen welfare trust. But I know in many places you can contact the battery farm directly

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