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    MH and I have decided to restart this, with a few twists or two. :3

    *All BYC rules apply
    *The usual RPing rules also apply here, no gore, be realistic (with the exception of a couple of things), etc.
    *The chicken must have a warrior name

    The Flock Code:
    1. Do not kill the innocent
    2. All chicks must be kept safe, no matter what flock they are from.
    3. Protect your clan with your life.
    4. If there is little food or water the priorities are: the Leader, Elders, Chicks, and Broodies; the others must share what is left.
    5. The leaders word is law.
    6. Prey is to be killed only for eating.
    7. The elders hold the knowledge of the flock. Look up to them and learn from them.
    8. First mates (the leader's mate) can help the leader rule, although they shouldn't take over.
    9. Any spies caught working for other clans will be killed. And if they run away, they must be hunted down.
    10. The council must be guarded during a meeting.

    BlackSun code:
    In progress.

    LightMoon code:
    In progress.

    Membership Forms:
    Character Name
    Breed (optional):

    It's 100 years into the future, and things have since changed. Will SunFlock make it? Or will they be taken over by the almighty MoonFlock?

    The Honorable Feathered Organization (HFO)
    This is an alliance of birds. Birds from this organization cannot hurt each other, and they must help out in times of need. If you do break either of these rules, you will be shunned. Anyone can RP as these. Birds in this organization include:

    Sylvia: White Peahen. Mate of Durabo.
    Durabo: Emrald peacock. Mate of Sylvia.
    Erndace: Rouge white leghorn rooster.
    Sally: Leader of the doves and pigeons of the abandoned shrine. White dove.
    Igrane: Japanese fantailed pigeon hen.
    Fervermor: Homing pigeon. Father of MoonShadow. From the shrine.
    Daisy: Black dove. Mother of MoonShadow. From the shrine.
    Dion- A white Fantail pigeon cock with a cream-tan colored tail.

    The Tunnel Systems
    There is a series of tunnel systems that run all the way out to all of the clans and many of the flocks. They also connect with Red's tunnels.

    The Ranks:
    Leader: The highest rank of the clan. Their name must end in -star. In MoonFlock, they are required to have LightMoon blood.
    First Mate: The mate of the leader.
    Deputy: Second in command. They help the leader and are next in line to become leader unless the leader uses BlackSun code 3 in SunFlock. Also must have LightMoon blood if in MoonFlock.
    Healers: In charge of healing birds. They also are the ones who talk with StarFlock, or spirits in MoonFlock. They cannot have mates or chicks.
    Warriors: They go out into battle and fight for the flock. When not in battle, they train, help out the other ranks, and gather food.
    Guards: They are in charge of making sure everyone stays safe while they're at camp. Guards must do night shifts.
    Slaves: Birds that break the flock code may be forced to become slaves. The slaves do a lot of work and get little food.
    Poison Masters: They are the ones who poison other clans. They poison waterways, food stores etc.
    Spies: It is their job to gather information from other clans. Spies must be hatched in the clan(With the exception of MoonRose). They must also be bantams or at least smallish. No meat birds.
    Broodies: Hens with eggs or chicks.
    Chicks: Chicks under the age of 6 moons.
    Apprentices: Chicks over 6 moons. They are learning how to be a healer, warrior, spy etc.
    Eggs: Fertilized eggs.

    ~ S U N F L O C K ~


    Foxstar - a descendant of Scarletstar and BloodWing without even knowing it. She was called to bring SunFlock back together. She has beautiful deep red feathers, and grey-blue eyes. She was built for quick attacks, to strike and hide. Like Scarlet, she has a temper, and like BloodWing she has a smart mouth and doesn't always know when to stop.

    First Mate:
    Oakpath - a large black breasted red Cubalaya rooster with a glossy green tinted tail, that glides gently against the ground. Built to be strong and have great breed characteristics, he competed in shows and has won several prizes. During one quiet winter afternoon, his coop was attacked by coyotes, and though he fought back he did not only have most of his hens killed, but he was dragged away into the depths of the forest to be dinner. He still has a few scars to prove it. Eventually, Oakpath managed to creep off and has lived in the forest ever since; missing his former home very much. Despite this, he's still the flirty rooster he normally is and enjoys courting whoever he can.

    Lead Healer & Poison Master:
    RisingRose - she was trained by her mother at an early age to heal and create poisons. The hen has a large crest and is the size of a Serama, though her size isn't to be underestimated. Her feathers are blue and her eyes are of deep red.

    Warrior 1:
    Bloodyspurs - a tall Old English Game rooster who was bribed and begged and pleaded into joining by Foxstar herself. He has barred feathers, and metal spurs from being a game cock.

    Warrior 2:
    Dawnrising - he was hatched in the group right before the death of his mother and his older sister, RisingRose, raised him. He has no crest and has brown feathers, unlike his sister, and is the brainy, timid one.

    Warrior 3:
    Runningleaf - the latest member of SunFlock. Being a Serama he is able to manuever swift attacks, though easy to step on. He has a major crush on Foxstar.

    ~ M O O N F L O C K ~


    Beliefs of MoonFlock:
    Unlike other flocks, MoonFlock doesn't believe in StarFlock, and instead looks up to the Avain goddess who they claim is the divine creator of all birds. She is said to have a woman's body, the head of an eagle, the wings of a falcon, the tail of a peacock, and durability of a chicken. She has six gold hummingbirds, who are her messengers from the spirit realm, rendering these little birds as holy animals who are to be treated with great respect. Many believe that the first generation of LightMoon birds were the first birds ever created on Earth by the Avian Goddess. It is said that after a bird who has worshipped the Avian Goddess properly dies, they go to live in the spirit realm in the goddess's castle. And if a leader dies, they are to be reincarnated as a hummingbird.

    With the exception of a few, every bird of MoonFlock was born on its grounds.

    Azurestar - a massive mutt hen with feathers as white as snow; as well as skin, legs, and facial features that are as black as the night. Her eyes are of a deep navy. Due to her rough past, she can be quite sinister if provoked, and does not get along with other flocks due to her dominance. Though if treated the way she wants to be treated, she can be rather kind and understanding. Very wise. Most fear her because she is quite the powerful leader. Azurestar believes very much in the Avian Goddess and asks that her flock does the same, shunning or even disowning anyone who doesn't do as they're told.

    First Mate:
    Cobrabite - a reserved buff Silkie rooster, who is often seen being a mentor to warrior apprentices. Unlike most, he was born outside of the flock, in a hatchery. He is submissive to his mate and loves her very much, hoping to start a family with her very soon.

    Stormclaw - a large black Silkie rooster, with a rough attitude. Was hatched and raised normally in MoonFlock. SmokeSun is his brother

    Lead Healer:

    Lead Poison Master:
    AquaTail - a snowy white China Game Fowl hen. She is quick to react and often uses Logic over her emotions. She knows her place in the flock but prefers to work on her own. As a chick, she was the sole survivor of her brood. Being raised by herself made her mature fast and learn to depend on herself. She therefore trusts no one.

    Lead Spy:
    SmokeSun - a black Silkie rooster, who is quiet and mysterious. Like his brother, he was hatched and raised normally in MoonFlock.

    Battle Group I

    Head Warrior:
    Bearclaw - a large black rooster, skin and all, said to be Azurestar's half brother. He has a massive walnut comb atop his head and giant wattles hanging from his chin, as well as blue earlobes and Sumatra-like spurs. Not the type to be messed with, ever, unless you're in for a fight. He likes to lead his battle group with pride.

    Poison Master:
    Wolfbone - a colorful Cochin Brahma mix rooster, with a cold attitude towards most. Despises all other flocks deeply. He is currently a mate of the broody Ashdream.

    Honeydrop - a little, old birchen Modern Game bantam. He has been a member of MoonFlock for his whole life and has healed in many wars, rendering him a skilled medic for his flock. Many other medicine birds enjoy his company and helpful advice.

    Snowfury - he was hatched and raised in MoonFlock by parents just as fiesty as himself. He is a mix between a white Chantecler and a Columbian Wyandotte, giving him a large, strong body needed for fighting, and a shiny green tipped tail with a small red comb and fairly large wattles. His spurs are upturned and fairly sharp, and it isn't unusual to see blood on the tips of them.

    Rivertear - a young Nankin hen, who was hatched a drifter of MoonFlock and eventually taken under another Broody's wing after her mother was killed. She's beautiful, with shining feathers and dark, innocent pools for eyes. Very agile and quick, and very good at hiding in small crevices. Rivertear is known being a bit sassy, and does not appreciate having others talk down to her. Can be aggressive if provoked. Is the mate and friend of Jayfeather, and has just sat upon her eggs.

    Battle Group II

    Head Warrior:
    Sagethicket - a shiny black Shamo rooster with a battle torn body and tall stance. Being a former fighting cock, he has the advantage of strength on his side and is often seen sporting an overly confident stride as he walks. A very forceful head warrior, who cuts no slack and punishes when required. He is also fiercely loyal to Azurestar.

    Poison Master:
    FallenEmber - a black Sex-Link hen, who escaped from her backyard coop during a free-ranging session after a bad fight with one of her sisters. Azurestar easily accepted her in because of her strength, knowledge, and willing attitude. She quickly learned how to create toxic concoctions and became the very Poison Master she is today. She the mate of Sagethicket.

    Cherrysky - a large, light silver hen with black around her hackles, beard & muff, and tail; as well as fluffy feathered legs. She is a descendant of two very important original LightMoon birds on her father's side, and is quite proud of her heritage because of this. She is kind to her flockmates, although cold towards outsiders.

    TawnyEyes - she has eyes like her name suggests, and beautiful golden duckwing feathers, as well as a full fanned out tail. She is a Phoenix. Though as lovely as she appears, she is cold-hearted to nearly all but a few. She can warm up to others, it's just that she likes to keep to herself instead. The hen has obviously has a rough past, though this has seemed to make her even stronger.

    Jayfeather - a puny black Serama rooster, who can very easily blend into and creep through the darkness. He was raised in a different flock beforehand, and was surprisingly allowed in by Azurestar. Unlike most, he is kind and reserved, as well as accepting of other's opinions and loyalty to different flocks, although this sometimes gets him shunned. His only friend is Rivertear, who comforts him in his times of need. The two have recently became mates.

    Battle Group III

    Head Warrior:
    BreezeRunner - a large, healthy looking Rhode Island Red mix hen, her ginger feathers streaked in iridescent white. She has huge sharpened claws, as well as a broad hooked beak and little nubs as spurs. A cruel hen when it comes to battles, and an over-all irritable spirit. She was born and raised in MoonFlock, and her two sisters are FrozenTail and Flowerbud. Her father, Liongrace, is still alive today.

    Poison Master:
    FrozenTail - a slightly slimmer appearing standard-sized hen, with ginger feathers found throughout most of her body, and a white head and tail. Though her claws are large, they naturally blunt, rendering her unfit to be a good warrior. So she chose the path of the Poison Master. She is quiet, yet if angered she will speak her mind. Enjoys experimenting with new poisons very much.

    Wintergreen - a pale-white feathered rooster with a bright red rose comb comb and green tail feathers, who has Poison Master's experience alongside his healing experience. He is kind towards his clan, although cold towards newcomers and invaders.

    Rosepetal - a giant chocolate brown hen, who is built like a tank, and possesses a pea comb atop her head. Despite her monstrous size, she is actually quite friendly, so long as you don't aggravate her.

    Spottedleaf - he is a puny white speckled brown roorster, with large spurs and short little legs. He has a floppy single comb peeking out through his bushy white crest and lightly feathered legs. Quite cocky and arrogant, takes a lot of time into looking good, although many simply scoff at his attempts to be studly. His mate is Flowerbud.























    (Still in progress)

    ~ R A V I N E F L O C K ~


    ( in progress )

    ~ N I G H T F L O C K ~


    NightFlock is home to the warriors of the night, hense the name. Unlike other Flocks, they are not bound by the rules of the Flock code. Instead, they follow another set of rules set down in ancient times by the first leader of NightFlock. The Black Code. All warriors of NightFlock are expected to follow the code, and protect it with their lives. Any attempt to break the code is punished with death. Instead of StarClan, NightFlock warriors believe in a demon known as Kalichi, the creature who created the first leader. Warriors of NightFlock are cruel, and cold hearted to anyone, or anything, that is not one of their own. They are clever and cunning, aggressive, blood-thirsty, quick to fight and not well-liked by other Flocks.

    The Black Code:
    1) Your one and only loyalty is to NightFlock and it's leader
    2) The leader's word is the final word, all who disobey or question his/her ruling will be punished with death
    3) You may have no friendships with others outside of NightFlock
    4) All tresspassers are brought before the leader to stand trial
    5) Only birds of pure forest blood are accepted into the Flock, all others are rejected
    6) After a leader dies, the deputy becomes leader after him/her
    7) Medicine birds may not have a mate, or chicks

    Shadowstar- A large, charcoal grey rooster with long, wickedly sharp claws that are curved at the tips. In addition to their natural strength, his claws are also re-enforced with the talons of eagles as trophys of his kills. He has been the leader of NightFlock for many seasons, and his flockmates have a great amount of respect for him. Like most, if not all, NightFlock warriors, he is cold and cruel, a natural born killer who has no mercy for his enemies. (HollyBird24)

    Tigerheart- A pale blue Shamo hen with jet black legs. She is quick to resort to violence and follows the code by heart, striking anyone out of line without a second thought. She was brooded in a time of war. All of her flock was destroyed before she found refuge in the NightFlock, serving as Shadowstar's trusted deputy. (Kevin565)

    Medicine Chicken:
    Blackwing- A jet black rooster who doubles as both the medicine chicken, and the poison master. He is what some would consider a "mad scientist", always experimenting with different herbs and potions to developing new ways to heal... and kill. (HollyBird24)

    Crowfoot- An arrogant, hot-headed rooster with small, beady black eyes like that of a crow. He is extremely aggressive, even for a NightFlock warrior, and is always the first one involved in a brawl. He is young, and doesn't always think before acting. (HollyBird24)

    Ivytail- A dark brown, irritable hen who always seems to be in a bad mood. She has a very short temper and snaps at anyone who crosses "the line", which is quite often. She's particulary fond of criticizing apprentices as they are training to become warriors. (HollyBird24)

    Windwalker- A witty Black Orpington hen with large talons. She is smart and a master escape artist. Among other things, she is good at manipulating others and is a quick runner, very stealthy. She was abandoned by her parents at a young age and learned to survive on her own. (singingchickenmomma)

    Darkstripe- A highly confident young warrior with night black feathers laced with a lighter shade of gold on his wing and breast feathers. He uses a unique set of wing razors which are hidden under his thick feathers, allowing him to trick his opponents into thinking he is unarmed. His flockmates have a lot respect for him, and he is quite popular as a jokester who doesn't take anything seriously. (HollyBird24)

    Ashfall - A young, robust Silver Penciled Wyandotte hen, whose skin piercing claws and great weight render her a fierce warrior. She was once a member of ThunderFlock, a group of chickens renowned for their peace worshiping ways, before they decided to banish her from their flock for being too aggressive. Despite once being a part of this flock, she is very headstrong and assertive, as well as easily agitated, therefore not many see her as a bird that was once found within such a gentle group of birds. (Zinnia-Hen)

    Snowbird- A slim black hen with white flecks amoung her feathers, almost like stars dotting the night sky. She is a sister to Darkstripe, though from an earlier hatch so she's a bit older then him. She is more serious then her brother, but likes to joke around too. Despite her slim figure, she is a good fighter and isn't afraid to stand up for herself and her brother. (HollyBird24)

    Rowenclaw- A large but slender hen with dark brown feathers and gold lacing. Almost masculine in her demeanor, she wears her name (traditionally a roosters name) with pride, being a 'tomboy' of sorts. She is rude, and her ever-prevent sneer never fully vanishes. Like her sister, Ivytail, she is quick to judge and very determined, almost never giving up. She is belligerent, and often seems indifferent to the reasons for her violence, as if war were a game to her. (HollyBird24)

    Brackenpelt- A long legged, partridge colored rooster with pale green eyes and extra long, sharp claws. Like his mate, Tawnypelt, he is a rational thinker and has a good sense of right and wrong, although he understands that his leaders word is the law. He is quite wise for his age, and became a senior warrior at a young age. (HollyBird24)

    Tawnypelt- A slender, darkly mottled hen with well muscled shoulders and wings. She is strong hearted, determined and a quick, rational thinker. The rest of the Flock respect her a lot, even though she isn't a senior warrior yet. Her mate is Brackenpelt and she is a sister to Darkstripe and Snowbird. (HollyBird24)

    Copperchick- A rather stocky, muscular rooster with reddish brown feathers. He is quiet and reserved, taking everything in from his surroundings and remembering it. Though he is young, he has the ability and attitude to be passed off as a much older, wiser bird then he actually is. (HollyBird24)

    Icechick- The only bird in NightFlock with white feathers, she was born into the Clan by some kind of fluke. Shadowstar was going to kill her but she proved herself as an incredible warrior and he let her live. She is solid snowy white with icy blue eyes, and has claws and a beak that are an ivory in color. To honor Shadowstar's decision, she works extra hard to earn her place, and protect her life. (HollyBird24)

    Thornchick- A beaten up, raggety rooster who has a huge scar down where one of his eyes used to be. When he was young, he made friends with a rogue's hatch of chicks and kept it a secret from the Flock. When Shadowstar found out, he beat Thornchick senseless in front of the whole Flock to show what happens when birds disobey him. To make him remember his mistake, Shadowstar clawed out one of his eyes, leaving a horrible, empty socket behind. (HollyBird24)

    Dawnpaw- A slender, beautiful, mottled hen with blue eyes. She is cool headed and calm, her true feelings often not showing through unless she is under pressure. During those times she is wicked evil, feeding off others pain and feeling no shame in murder, no matter who it is. Other times, however, she can be almost nice, allowing her to gain the trust of her Flockmates. (HollyBird24)

    Sparrowpaw- A large and powerful dark golden rooster with streaks of black in his feathers. He is known for his murderous, cruel and vicious attitude. He is sophisticated, suave and incredibly polite when he wants to, but becomes very dangerous when angered. (HollyBird24)

    Mistpool- An elderly, medium grey hen with darker flecks in her hackle feathers. She only recently joined the elders den and her knowledge of fighting is still there, she just lacks the physical ability to do it. The chicks often spend time with her during the day because she is a great story teller. (HollyBird24)

    Robinwing- Retired from warrior duties after an injury that never healed properly. She walks with a permanent limp and rarely leaves the camp anymore. She is a bit sour, especially because she had to retire at such an early age, and still has a firey temper. (HollyBird24)
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    Foxstar sigh, and paced in the cave that she hade no chose but to hide her small flock in "once i get my hands on him" she growls, bloodyspur is about to learn what her temper is really like soon.

    Dawnrising sigh "he gonna learn a new meaning about underflock has no fury like a hens wraith"
  3. Zinnia-Hen

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    Jan 29, 2011
    Something could be seen in the distance; it had the sweeping silhouette of a Cubalaya rooster.
  4. miss heny

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    something taps the birds shoulder, it was running leaf "who are you?" he said, and quickly flew up a tree
  5. Zinnia-Hen

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    Jan 29, 2011
    The large rooster looked up into the tree after hearing the sound of flapping wings. "Oakpath," he replied. "What about you?"
  6. miss heny

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    "runningleaf, so, why are you here?"

    *dont let him fool you, he has back up XD *
  7. Zinnia-Hen

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    Jan 29, 2011
    "Me? I'm just wandering because I've been living out here for weeks, alone. Why are you here them, hm?" he asked. "I didn't know there were more chickens out here."
  8. miss heny

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    "looking for a member of my flock, he most likely is wisely far, far, far away" he carelly flies down

    "Runingleaf" a deap voice said "i never hide"

    "bloodyspur" he said 'you better leave the flock now, because fox is gonna rip you a new one"
  9. Zinnia-Hen

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    Oakpath sighed. I guess I have no choice, unless I want to die. "Can I... join you guys?" he asked. "I have no shelter, or food, and I will offer my protection just to live."
  10. Zinnia-Hen

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    g2g. [​IMG]

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