Super aggressive attacks

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11 Years
Mar 25, 2008
Hi, I have 6 golden comet that are a year and a half and 5 Araucana hens/ with 1 Araucana rooster that will be a year old in april.

In the last four days, I have had two severe bloody attacks. I thought the first was the rooster so I seperated him from the rest. The first was a comet that was bloodied. Today one of my Araucana's was attacked. I do not free range and nothing has changed in the last few month except it has been a really really long snowy winter here in Maine. The two injured birds don't like each other either as I built a makeshift recovery pen. I am at whits end and I am saddened by these attacKs.

What can I do to stop these attacks????? I actually put two comets in with the rooster hoping that they were the agressive ones that were inflicting the hurt.

Welcome. Sorry you are having troubles. I had my top hen start picking on everyone else, especially my rooster. I finally had to cull her, but I tried a couple of things before I resorted to that. First, I treated their wounds with rooster booster. That only worked temporarily. So I separated the offending hen for a week to knock her out of her place in the pecking order. That didn't work either so I ate her. Those are at least a couple suggestions you could try though. Good luck.
So, getting rid of one , the rest of the flock settled down and coexisted just fine or did she share her torturoustricks with all the others?

Does having a rooster provoke any of these habits?
I don't think having the rooster provoked it, I just think she was a bad egg. My rooster is a salmon faverolle and they are very docile, so I think he just didn't have the gumption to stick up for himself. After I culled the hen, tranquility reigns and all of the hens are now growing their feathers back.

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