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11 Years
Nov 16, 2011
Hi everyone!

I wanted to share some great news with you. I had a chicken with the sniffles. I had other chickens that had a really bad stink. They were given to me that way. They were also skinny. I rushed to Bradshaw Feed Store and Supply (best ever and I will never go to Western Feed again because they know nothing) and I bought VIT-AL which is in a white, red and blue package. It's a powdered vitamin that you put in their water. You only use 1/8 tsp for a liter of water. The package only cost me $6. It will last me a year and I change their water daily. I also bought some Vet Rx which is a small bottle in a bright yellow and orange box with black writing. It's a mentholatum scent. I wiped it on all of their faces and put a dab under each wing and on their chest. Anyway, overnight my chickens all took a turn FOR THE BETTER! No more sniffles on the one, and none at all on any of the others. The energy these girls have now is amazing. I didn't know they were dragging until I gave them the VIT-AL and could see the differnce OVER NIGHT, I kid you not. I didn't need to use the Denagard but I am still considering a maintenance dose. What do all of you experts think?

I also bought some Sevin-5 and dusted each bed and chicken because I was told in one of my posts that they may have mites which was causing the stink. Let me just tell you, the smell is nearly gone. They must have had bugs a bit more than the norm. The stuff works. They still have a little different odor. My other chickens have never had an odor so maybe they are just stinky? Now, they are less stinky.

Then, there is the Veteracin. This stuff is a miracle. I have a chicken (Ginger) who, when she was given to me, had a limp. From the first night I got her, she would be the last in the coop. She kept coming up to me and stretching her neck as if to have me pick her up. I would kneal down and I swear, she would walk up to me and push me. She would do this all the way around me and then squeeze under me and sit between the space in my leggs. I took picures because nobody believed me. I kept telling my husband that she was communicating with me and was trying to tell me something and he would just laugh. Mind you, these chickens had never been held or touched the soil until the day they were given to me. I watched her and in just a couple of days she could barely walk. She hopped and hobbled. She stood off in the corner by herself, she was fluffed up, she would nodd off and close her eyes, she wasn't eating. I was in a panic. I picked her up and noticed a gnarly, black growth on the web of her foot. It was big and ugly. After some research I decided to try this stuff. It was expensive but still cheaper than a chicken vet. Not sure if they even have those. Anyway, I sprayed it on her morning and evening. By the second day, she was able to walk. Each day was easier and easier. With all of the vitamins in the water and the spray on her foot, she was eating again. I took a picture of her foot the first day I found the growth and I recently took another picture becaus would you believe it's gone now? GONE! She has become a very bossy and hen pecky lady...just the way I like her.

I want to thank all of you who gave me suggestions and shared stories of your own. I am so new to the chicken world but I aspire to be great!

Ginger was my magnet, hence Chickmagnet9. I have 9 chickens, and two dogs. A Sheperd and a JRT.

I'll post all pics once I figure out how to do it. I think I did it once but I can't find it now. I need help with that so if you know how to do it, will you please pm me? I am the kind of girl who just needs simple steps withough big techy talk. THANK YOU ALL!!!

p.s. I forgot to mention that I am getting 7-9 eggs a day!!! IN DECEMBER!!!
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Bradshaw Feed is my absolute favorite! The employees are knowledgeable and ever so friendly, the store has everything I need - and the employees do not sell you something just to make money. If you ask about something, the recommendations are made with YOU and your needs in mind.

So glad your Ginger is doing well!
Hi gryeyes!

You nailed it with Bradshaw employees. I love them and my ladies love me for it. Do you know, they love to be held? Seriously! Isn't it great to be your animals' person?

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