Super noisy hen help needed

chicken by sea

6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
Pismo Beach
So we have 4 hens (6 months old)- free range with a covered coop they go to roost at night. We also have 12 pullerts. All the older girls started laying about 2 weeks ago. The hen that is the lowest in the pecking order just started "screaming" from sunrise until 10 am.
It's making me batty.
They have 8 nesting boxes (I converted a dresser) they only use 2 top ones to lay and seem to take turns. Noisy girl is the last one in.
They do regard my husband as a roo- me as the food source. They have big food bowl and are fed layer crumbles, chicken scratch, oyster shells and organic scraps from the kitchen.
We have used a squirt bottle to try and tell her "please shut up". Any other ideas to get her to be quite?

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