SUPER sharp nails and beaks!?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Hanh3197, Aug 5, 2011.

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    OUCH!! I was hand feeding some of my chicks today and it hurt because their beaks are really sharp One hopped on my arm and his nails were scratching me everywhere, and now I have little marks all over my arm... So I wanted to know if I should put like a big rock/brick in their brooder so they can wear down their beaks and claws... Will it help???
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    Very interesting idea.... my neighbor's chicken bit me yesterday tryin to get bread and it really hurt. I was wondering about something similar to this. I'm sure they kinda file down their nails on their own with scratching and things but I would be interested in knowing what to about beaks, aside from that horrible debeaking thing.
  3. ranchhand

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    Honestly, I have had chickens a long time and I do not hand feed or encourage them jumping on me. Because what is annoying as chicks is painful when they get bigger. They are quite comfortable around me, not frightened at all. But jumping on me is not allowed anymore, they like eyeballs too much.

    ETA, the beaks and claws will only wear down if they keep pecking at a brick- most aren't going to do that once they realize it's not food. And it's a big risk of a broken beak.
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  4. Uzuri

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    Adults tend to wear and chip down their beaks as they go; the little ones, not being around abrasive or hard surfaces, just don't get the chance early on. But so far as getting pecked by the little things goes, it's more the pinch than the point, and all the grinding in the world won't change that. I bet if you look close, you'll see that their beaks are pretty rounded off.

    Now the toenails, that's a different story. They've got baby nails, just like a baby human -- sharp! But time will wear those down, too. Meanwhile, it's best to not encourage them to hop on your bare arms anyway (especially if there's a chance of any of them being little boys) to help make clear the dominance thing. "Peck" them on the head with a finger if they do that; that was all my girls ever needed.
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    I like to let my chicks sit on my arm so I don't discourage it. If it hurts just wear long sleeves or put a long thick so over your hand and forearm. LOL

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