Super sonic molt-er, anyone else?


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Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
My LF brahma hens are going through their 4th adult molt. They look a bit scraggly, but not too bad. One of the dark brahma hens, Bella, has always continued to lay through her molt - though at a decreased rate - and this time is no different.

I am amazed by the molt of my one and only bantam brahma hen Maggie.

On Friday, the 19th of August Maggie started looking a little ragged.
The day before yesterday I noticed she had new feathers still encased in the sheath (not sure what it's called) sticking out all over. That same evening I noticed an area of the chicken yard with alot of those sheaths laying on the ground, as if Maggie had sat there for awhile pulling them off.
Yesterday she visited the nestbox but didn't leave an egg.
Today she looks beautiful with her shiny new feathers and did lay an egg.

That's a total molt time of 10 days. Anyone else have super sonic molters?
I don't, but I sure wish I did. Big Girl just got over being broody a week ago (ok got over it with help from me - anyway...) and now she's molting
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my silkie Jethro will stay broody just awhile longer. She only has 9 days left to go, but she was broody for about two weeks before I got her eggs so I think her patience must be wearing thin.

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