Super stressful lockdown

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Apr 1, 2020

I posted yesterday about what I should do with an egg I dropped while putting into lockdown as it had cracked. With advice, I was planning to seal the crack over with candle wax as I could see the chick in the egg was still alive and moving. However, when I went to take it back out to do that I noticed another egg had a very big crack down the side of it, I wasn't sure whether I had done it or the chick was malpositioned and trying to hatch, the egg was wobbling. I decided to leave them both be as nothing was leaking out of them and it was now day 19 for them and didn't want to open the incubator and comprise the other eggs.

Today is day 19 and a half, it will be day 20 in 8 hours. Another egg has pipped but has pipped at the pointy end. It's made a decent size hole but I can see that there is blood around it. It seems to be working on trying to make the hole bigger, but it doesn't look ready to hatch. The two eggs with cracks haven't changed, I've seen one wobble but not the other. I can see other eggs wobbling. I don't know what's best to do with the egg that has pipped in the wrong place and is bleeding?
How are they all doing now? If the rest have hatched you can take them out and take a look. It may be since you cracked the egg it caused it to dry out too soon and the shell may be stuck to it.
One of the eggs that was cracked has hatched and is doing well. The one that pipped at the wrong end hatched but died within a minute of hatching. The other egg with a crack hadn't hatched so I candled it and the chick had died before it had tried to pip. I have three little silkie chicks in total out of 7 shipped eggs so I'm please with the outcome considering I dropped two :)

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