Superfoods for quail


7 Years
Sep 9, 2012
I recently ran out of protein supplement for my button quail and decided to mix my own. I bought a jar of powdered spirulina from my local natural foods store and mixed it with wheat grass powder and egg food (a mix of flaxseed, hempseed, millet, and egg biscuit for breeding birds.) I offer this mix to my birds in the afternoon/evening. They have access to their regular feed all day.
I thought the powder mix would make feeding my birds a balanced diet a little more convenient, especially with winter setting in and the normal variety of leafy greens dwindling.
Spirulina is apparently 65% protein and has a ton of nutrients. After just two days i started getting an egg from every one of my hens every day, where usually i get 2-4 eggs per day between my five girls. I've heard it increases egg fertility rates to 90% and above, though i eat the eggs i get so that doesn't really matter much.
The powder was expensive, $18 for a 16oz. jar, but i mixed up two months worth of supplement with just half of the jar so i think it's a good value overall.

I'm wondering if anyone else gives their birds anything "special" other than regular commercial food.
What do you feed and what differences have you seen in your quail?
Awesome, thank you for the tip!
Is it still safe for human consumption, though? I ask because i eat it, too. I suppose i could get the fish-quality for the birds and save the fancy expensive stuff for me...
That's got a lot of fillers... it's only 38% protein and only a "moderate" amount of spirulina. I think i'd rather feed something without wheat or soy fillers.

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