Supplements to 20% Flock Raiser Pellet Feed

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by DaveOmak, Aug 31, 2014.

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    I free feed my chickens 20% flock raiser.... Free feed Granite Grit, roasted egg shells and Oyster shells.... Throw out some Scratch morning and afternoon.... about 1/4 cup each feeding... I have 8 birds... 6 Sagittas, 1 Orpington and 1 Wyandotte...

    A few times a week, I feed cabbage, lettuce and fruit... watermelon and grapes..... I will be adding apples and pears in a few weeks when the harvest comes in... apples and pears will be stored in a refer, for the winter, to add to their diet.... should they be prepared in any particular fashion so the birds will eat them easily... and readily...

    Thinking of adding beef liver to their diet... I have read it has an assortment of vitamins and minerals.... selenium and vitamin E were my primary concerns.... How should I prepare it and how much per bird...

    Any suggestions on what dietary stuff to add to this mix....

    A Healthy flock is most important to me...

    Thanks for your time..... Dave
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    No real need to do any preparation to the apples and pears. Pecking the fruit will keep them occupied. The first time I give such to a flock that has never seen it before I will cut it in half for them to see. Since you are feeding a commercial feed that should have a balance of vitamins and minerals they should be fine without the liver. If you do feed it as a booster, I would guess and ounce per bird a week. Raw or cooked depending on your preference, they birds won't care. They eat their insects raw after all.

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