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    Jun 3, 2009
    I am just wondering what supplies I will need for my brooder. I am thinking about hatching some of my Partridge Chanteclers in the spring and want to collect the supplies over the winter that I will need for the brooder.
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    Brooders are very easy. You can go as simple as a box with a lamp for heat and a feeder and waterer.
    We use a wire cage with a screen bottom. A 85 watt red flood light in a lamp hood. We place a old towel down in the cage for the chicks to be on for the first two weeks. A small feeder and a waterer. This is kept in the house until chicks are old enough to go outside which depends on the weather.
    A lot will depend on wether you will have the brooder in the house or outside. You will need to be able to maintain a temp of 95 degrees of draft free air at the chicks back height. Lower your temp by 5 degrees each week. This can be done by raising the lamp height. The chicks just need to be kept warm, dry and secure.
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    And I'll add...get a decent thermometer or two for it. [​IMG]

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