Surprise Chick from McMurry Hatchery


8 Years
Apr 17, 2012
Good afternoon,

I was sent a "surprise chick" from McMurry Hatchery with my order of 16 chicks. They do not tell you the breed or gender. S/he is 6 weeks old yesterday. Docile and friendly. Not as big as my Cochins and Orpingtons I ordered, but not much smaller. S/he seems to be feathering out a little slower as well. Any thoughts on breed and gender? It does not have any other colors in the feathers. No red or tan. The down was brown with a stripe down its back, so I thought perhaps Bielefelder chick. But the brown turned to light gray as it aged and now seems to be feathering out into a black and white. I cannot find a breed that is such a light brown chick that then turns to the black and white feathers. Thank you so much! Photos are current at 6 weeks old.


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