Surprised At The Quiet

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  1. Our coop, run, and chicken yard are about 50 yards from our house. They face away from the house, so we can't hear anything that goes on out there. So, we got a baby monitor so we can hear the "egg song" when it finally happens. We hooked it up and I was looking forward to all the happy chicken noises we would hear in the house. Guess what?!? Unless someone is out there, or there is a fight, our chickens are SILENT! They chatter and cluck like crazy when we are out there, and I just assumed they were the same way with each other. Oh well. [​IMG]
  2. Maybe they are the breed that never says anything, unless something is wrong. Like the little boy who never spoke until he was 6 years old, and he told his mother his oatmeal was cold. She was just floored, because it was his first words. She asked him why it took him so long to speak, and he said, "because up to now, everything has been fine!" [​IMG] Maybe you are such an awesome chicken farmer, your ladies have nothing to complain about!!!!
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    Try getting a rooster.. things will change drastically [​IMG] (not smacking you, it's the roosters [​IMG])

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