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5 Years
Hi. I'd like to know your thoughts or experiences. We have 2 pairs of breeding parakeets. Blu & Imy hatched 7 beautiful babies. All but two babies have left the nest. Imy, of course, is starting to lay again. We have another pair of breeding keets, Wally & Polly. They have started their own family. I took the first egg from Imy's second clutch & successfully slipped it into Polly's nest. OK....we are wondering, can we use our female Fischer Lovebird as a surrogate to raise the eggs from Imy? Our Fischer, Mango, constantly, builds nests......she has no mate of her own, but, fell in love with Blu upon site! Since she is sooooo smitten & wants to "nest", we want to know if she could surrogate? Anyone ever had any experiences to tell of or any knowledge they will share. With the two baby keets still in the nest, how can we get Imy to get a break from laying? We don't feel right about all of this?

Thanks, to anyone for your HELP!

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