Suspect my drake has a serious problem.

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by CarolAnn, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. CarolAnn

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    Aug 23, 2010
    Yesterday my hubby and I were out in my duck yard and I noticed one of my two drakes had what looked like a poopy butt. When I picked him and looked it doesn't look poopy it looks meaty, like his rectum is prolapsed. He doesn't act like he feels unwell but if it's what I think it is he'll die from being unable to eliminate. Our first thought was to try and moisten what looked like a blob of poop to help it break down and fall away but I couldn't hold onto him to try that. We got out their kiddie pool and filled it in hope that getting in the water would help loosen and help. I let them out to have access to the pool early this morning an hubby brought them back into their yard before we left for church. I sure do need advice from you duck owners with experience. I sure hate to lose him. I have 7 ducks in all, 2 drakes and 5 hens. Not sure what breeds I have except my other drake is a big white Pekin. I haven't a clue what's happened here, whether he just got pluggged up or injured somehow.

    I need help please! Sunday, March 11, 2012.


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    Is it possible that he has a prolapse? That can happen when their organ doesn't draw back up fully and a poo ball can form on the prolapsed part.
    I would swim him in some warmish water and give him some antibiotics. If you can isolate him so he's not trying to breed and so you can keep the area cleaner, I would do that as well.
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    There's a thread on here about male prolapse and how to treat it. Try searching under the duck section of BYC (I'll try to find it, too).

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    need to know if its his penis or rectum ??its his penis if it looks like the picture in this post above...Either way it does need to be clean and treated, but treatment will be different depending on which it is.. sounds more cloaca (rectal) than phallus.
  5. Amiga

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    My thoughts are running similar to Hattiegun's.

    Wondering if he has a rectal infection. Keeping him separated and giving him warm baths is a good start. Wondering if Preparation H might actually help if it's swollen tissue. I recently heard of a drake with problems caused by spring hormones, causing abdominal swelling. In that case, getting him away from the ducks (girls) might really help. Also, vitamins, electrolytes and probiotics may help strengthen him as he gets through this.

    If it is an infection, it could be bacterial (needs antibiotics) or fungal (needs anti fungal).

    Can you get a photo uploaded?

    And I am sorry to read that your drake is having troubles. I pray he will be healed up soon.


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