Suspected Roos - Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red


7 Years
Mar 12, 2012
San Luis Obispo, CA
We've been in rooster denial for a few weeks, but it's looking more and more like our Rock and RIR are dudes. Luckily, our local chick provider has an exchange policy, and we're thinking about taking the probable boys over to his farm this weekend. Does anyone think we still have a chance for hens, or should we just admit the obvious?

The Rock started making a strangled "squack!" noise about a month ago, and it's developed into a recognizable crow. "She" starts crowing early in the morning, and continues intermittently during the day. She is definitely more white than black, has long striped legs, stands upright, and is much bigger than the other chickens her age.

Our RIR hasn't made a peep, but looks lanky and shiny, and her comb/wattles are growing bigger every day. I was hoping that her two looong tail feathers were just an aberration when they fell out, but she is doggedly regrowing them to match her long, green hackle feathers.

Red and Rock get in each other's faces much more often than they challenge the other 3 chickens, and they both get defensive if we reach into the coop when they're settling down for the night. Taken all together, I'm afraid the evidence points to roosters. Thoughts?

Short video of our Rock crowing, and the RIR wanting to see what's going on:

And a couple shots of Red:


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