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May 11, 2015

1, 2, 3....Warning...I have no chickens and no breeds.

4. I found this forum looking for information about swans. I was happy to know that chicken lovers sometimes keep swans, too. I grew up with chickens, regular ole hen layers on my granddady's south Georgia farm, but I've never owned any myself. I have fond memories of collecting eggs in the mornings.

I'm secretary in a homeowner association that has 3 adult swans and a brand new (4-22-15) cygnet. We bought our swans from the city which sells surplus in the fall. I have been the volunteer caretaker of the swans since 2008 when one of the swans needed to go to the vet and no one else would do it.

Albert I is the remaining mate of a pair purchased in 1997. Victoria I passed away from cancer in her leg in 2013. Albert I has arthritis and goes to the vet every 3-4 months for a shot of glucosamine and chondroitin. Our vet takes care of all the city's swans also as did her predecessor before he retired.

We purchased Albert II and Victoria II in November 2014. The HOA board chose their names after a naming contest among our 70 neighborhood owners.

This spring Victoria II laid 5 eggs. The cygnet that hatched 4-22-15 is the only survivor after a raid on the nest soon after it hatched. A second cygnet disappeared; 2 eggs were broken and one egg was out of the nest, but did not hatch after being in an incubator until it was obvious it never would. This is our first hatching; Victoria I nested several times but never laid eggs.

Our lake is a little over 7 acres.

5. I enjoy reading, traveling, and digging in my flowerbeds on our 0.3 acre home place in central Florida.

6. My husband and I house two SPCA cats that we adore. Outside we feed over 20 turtles, a lot of bream and a number of squirrels. A few bass feed on the bream. A blue heron frequently joins morning feedings looking for an easy catch.
My husband retired from the Navy and then from a merchant marine shipping company after 50 years at sea. I retired as a school district instructional technology administrator.


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Dec 12, 2013
Welcome to BYC!

What a nice intro, thank you for sharing the stories about your swans and their young one.

I only have chickens but there are other members here that have swans (and they post some of the most beautiful photos). You can find them under the Ornamental Fowl forum, here's a link:

Hope we get to see more photos of the swans, they are so pretty.

Nice to have you join us!

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What a beautiful youngster! I wonder if it was a four legged predator or one that walks on two feet, that ransacked the nest. Swans can put up a strong defense. Welcome to Backyard chickens - hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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