Sweet Silkie Cockerel


5 Years
Jul 29, 2014
Pittsburgh, PA
I have a beautiful Silkie cockerel that needs a new home. He is a little over 3 months. He is show quality and has black skin, blue earlobes, five toes, nicely feathered feet, a walnut comb, and a very large crest. He is a blue bearded Silkie and his name is Mystery. Mystery was raised from a chick and is used to being handled by kids and adults. He is extremely sweet and I would love to keep him myself, but I already have two other roosters. Mystery is never aggressive and has never pecked or scratched anyone. He is very kind to the other chickens and animals, too. I really would like him to go a good home. Please loving homes only! His price is $5, but I am willing to trade him for a Silkie hen. I am located near Pittsburgh, PA and, I am not willing to ship. Thanks for looking!
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