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  1. So basically I just put down whatever has happened It is mainly funny sad or boring so enjoy and please post comments or an entry

  2. 12/3/14

    So today My mother was gone out with her friend and we were watched by my sister whom is old enough to baby sit, anyway I love giving my mother gifts and surprises so I decided to make her a butter cookie, Having NO idea how to bake one I decided to just make my own recipe. making it up as I went I added four medium sized butter slices Lots and LOTS of sugar some water some flour and put it in the oven for 20 minutes at 360 degrees. It came out right when My mother arrived I let it secretly cool and waited until it was, when it was I gave it to her on her favorite square dish and put a little sugar near it to fancy it up she smiled and took a bite but as soon as she bit into it she started waving at her mouth like she was in distress she ran to the trash can and spat it out gasping "was it terrible?" I asked "Yes" she replied "But thank you for trying" she kissed my head and continued working on the bills which I had interrupted; so if you want to make a terrible cookie just follow the recipe you'l get it [​IMG]

    Terrible sugar butter cookie:
    4-5 Teaspoons of butter
    1/2 a cup of sugar (Brown or white)
    whenever dry add some water
    1 cup of flour use whenever too wet

    Enjoy this truly nasty cookie!! [​IMG]
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    (btw if you like DW you HAVE to watch Sherlock and Supernatural if you have not all ready..)

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