swift deterioration of 2 pullets -any clues?

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    2 days ago my 18 week old BCM pullet and today my 1 1/4 year old EE bantam hen just died. I found them both sitting on the floor, and by the roost. The BCM pullet fell over onto her side and I thought at first she had hurt her R leg, as she was not weight bearing on it and then wondered if she'd had a stroke as her sense of balance was not right. She lasted 2 days, and was eating and drinking the first day, and then had 5 mealworms the next, and then lapsed into unconsciousness and died the 3rd day. Both were of a good weight and were free ranging and feisty the days preceding.
    My 1 1/4 year old EE bantam hen literally went from fighting the others for mealworm treats last night to huddling by the roost this AM and dying in my arms in 2 hours [​IMG].

    There are no apparent injuries - I do have 5 young roosters starting to crow and pester the hens, but don't think that is an issue.
    I have 2 full grown Narragensett turkeys, 5 blue slate poults, 2 geese, and 23 other BCM hens, EE/silkie/Amauracana hens, 12 BCM 12-19 week old chicks. They all seem healthy and feisty, free ranging, no one is wheezing or showing any signs of illness or distress.
    No other birds seem to be unhealthy but of course I am worried that it may be infectious and spread.
    No symptoms of respiratory problems of any kind coming from these 2;
    I have deep litter and trays under the roosting poles which I clean the poop from and replace the straw every couple of days.
    I feed FF - a mix of whole grains -barley, wheat, oats, corn, and 29% game bird feed all fermented with the original ACV. Treats - sprouted wheat, kitchen scraps, fruit, etc.
    Combs were red and healthy looking.

    Poop was soft but formed and normal looking on the last 2 days - chalky over the surface, no diarrhea.

    Has anyone else had this similar situation - from apparent excellent health to rapid death? Please if anyone knows anything about this, and if there is anything I should or can do, please let me know.....thanks.

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