switchgrass hay for goats?

I googled it because I was unfamiliar with it and curious; http://forages.tennessee.edu/Page18- Using Switchgrass for Forage.html seems to be a good overview (you can find a number of other extension-service and other pages by googling "switchgrass hay", which I recommend if you haven't done it yet, there is good reading there)

and I note that they recommend it *not* be used for horses because it can cause photosensitization/sunburn problems.

Never heard of it til your post so I have nothing else to contribute
but it sounds interesting (especially the suggestion that you could get an early hay crop and then manage the rest of the year's growth for biomass production for biofuel) although it also sounds like its nutrient content drops off even faster with maturity than other grass hays' do and thus having a really GOOD hay guy would be essential.

Good luck, have fun,


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