switching feed causing diahrea?


6 Years
Oct 15, 2014
My chickens are 13 weeks old. Until a few days ago i had been feeding them chick starter. But the feed store didn't have any last time i was there, so they said layer feed would be fine instead. However the past several days their poop has been diarrhea and the sand in the coop has been much more wet. They seem fine though, but it is a pain to clean. Any ideas? Thanks!

Percheron chick

9 Years
Apr 12, 2013
Hudson, Colorado
At 13 weeks, they should not be eating layer. They are still growing and need the extra protein and nutrients the chick or grower feed provides. They absolutely do not need the high Ca level in the layer. The store should of had an all flock, a meatbird or grower feed as another choice. All would work. The diarrhea is probably related to the change of feed. Add some acv to their water and put them back on the chick feed and it will correct itself.

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