Switching feeds & nest box questions


Jun 22, 2021
Upstate NY (Otsego county), USA
That sounds fairly normal to me.

Some chickens start by laying really well and later slow down, some start slowly and speed up later, some are consistent all the time, and some lay in clumps between stretches of broodiness.

The chicken breeds that are known as really good layers might lay almost every day all year.

But the breeds that are known as less-good layers do not seem to space their eggs evenly. They lay more heavily in the spring and summer, and less in the winter. Or they lay well for a bit, then stop to go broody. Someone can add up all the eggs in a year and divide it out to eggs-per-week, which makes people think a hen will lay at a consistent rate all year long, but she almost never does.

Good to know - thanks! I do hope Brownie slows down a bit or takes breaks. Being a daily egg machine has put her in manic foraging mode a lot more often even with full feeders and lots of other things on the side. She's can be a bit scary with that when its treat time. She's producing really good eggs with a solid shell, good color, etc., and she's always bright and energetic, so I assume she's doing well for nutrition.

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