Switching to layer ration? When?


10 Years
Jun 15, 2009

One of my pullets, a RIR, is 14 wks. old and is due to come into lay in about a month. The other, because she is an Easter Egger, I apparently can't expect to lay for another 2 1/2 months, according to, I believe, MyPetChicken.com. When should I start switching to layer ration and start providing oyster shell? If I switch too far before my second pullet comes into lay, will it hurt her? And also, is it true, like I read on some bags at the feed store, that I need to start pullets just coming into lay on 18% ration, as opposed to the typical 16%?

Thanks So Much
Maybe it's just me, but my RIRs are always the LAST to lay eggs. I raise EEs, BOs and RIRs. The EEs usually start for me at about 24 weeks though it's inconsistent at first, then the Buffs, then the RIRs and it's taken them until almost 36 weeks to get them all laying.
I start ALL the babies on regular layer pellets at about 18-20 weeks with free choice oyster shell and grit.
Thanks, that's really helpful

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