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    Jul 9, 2013
    Hi - I have 30 birds -- 11 are over 2 years old and 19 are 16 weeks old. I have been feeding Flock Raiser and have just started adding oyster shells for the laying hens.

    I want to switch feed to either the Soy-free layer from Coyote Creek Farm - http://coyotecreekfarm.org/ or maybe the Lay Crumbles from Texas Natural Feeds - http://www.texasnaturalfeeds.com/ ..

    My birds have the run of 60' x 90' with trees to climb and bugs to eat. They are locked-up in their coop at night.

    ............or maybe I should just make my own feed !!?? Any thoughts ??

    Thank you,

    Dave Strickland

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