swollen chicken waddle

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  1. mariaschickens

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    Dec 8, 2012
    So I have a hen with a swollen waddle. It looks like a little balloon hanging...
    A few of my chickens were having sinus issues and I treated them with tylan. This seemed to do the trick except the swollen waddle issue.
    Has anyone had any experience with this and how did u handle it.
    Also was wondering if the waddle needs to be drained.
  2. taprock

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    Nov 1, 2010
    Northern L.P. Michigan
    I'm not sure if you are located somewhere cold but a minor case of frostbite can cause wattles to swell. If that is the case they heal on their own.
  3. Eggcessive

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    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    Several things can cause swollen wattles. The ones I know of are coryza, fowl cholera, Mareks disease, insect bites, and frostbite. If your chickens have been dealing with a respiratory issue, then I would look at coryza as a possibility. Coryza can be treated with a combination of Tylan and sulfadimethoxine or sulmet. I would recommend that you get the chicken tested, since coryza is a chronic disease, making the whole flock carriers for life. The medicines can help symptoms, but the disease can come back with any stress. Any new birds exposed can get the disease. Here is a link for testing centers and state vets, plus one of disease symptoms:

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