swollen crop. on chick 3-4 weeks old


5 Years
Oct 3, 2014
Is the crop supposed to be outside rib cage. She is still on chick feed do i treat the same way...Yogurt, garlic and ???
Pleas Help ...It's my son's first chick
Peace out
and Thanks ahead of time
Hi :welcome
Glad you joined the flock. Yes the crop is on the outside and sometimes when they are full of food you can see them bulging out. I have some chicks at the moment and by the time it comes to the end of the day they are full and I can see the crops it seems to make it more prominent because they are not fully feathered and still have chick fluff. As long as the chick is acting normally and dosnt have a bad smell coming from its mouth I'm sure it will be fine :frow


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