Swollen eye getting worse- help!


May 24, 2020
Pittsburgh, PA
My Coop
My Coop
Hi all!
I posted a few weeks ago about our 10 week old chicken’s 1 eye being swollen. We thought it was a maybe a pecking injury but couldn’t confirm. None of other 5 girls showing any symptoms.

She’s also not showing any other symptoms- eating, free ranging supervised, poo looks normal. I also tried checking for mites/ticks but came up empty handed.

She keeps scratching at it which I think is making it worse. We previously just dabbed some Antimicrobial spray and neosporin on it for about week and thought it was healing until we saw her this morning.

Tonight we flushed it out with vetricyrn eye wash and put the opthalomic gel on.

any other suggestions what might be causing it or a better method to help our poor girl?


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