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    I have a chick that is barely a week old and this morning I noticed one of its eyes was bulging. There is no drainage, no other symptoms, seems to be eating and drinking just like the others. Could this be from being pecked in the eye? I saw a couple of chicks pecking each other in the eyeball. The eye itself is clear black just like the good one... Should I be concerned? Should I isolate it? I hate to do that because he is used to being with 10other chicks... Thanks in advance!


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    Hard to tell ...kind of looks like his face on that side is swollen too.
    If that is the case he could be backed up like a "cold"...but since you say no drainage...then that does not really fit..
    It could be that he was pecked...and injured the eye...I would flush it out Twice a day and put some antibiotic eye ointment in it....it should help clear that up.....watch that he is not being pecked on...sometimes a red bulb can help stop pecking, also make sure there is plenty room in the brooder and that they have things to peck at (it not....this can cause pecking on birds).

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