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I treated my chicken for bumblefoot 3 days ago, got down to puss and blood, I used triple antibiotic and Blue spray, wrapped her foot and kept her in separate pen. Yesterday I unwrapped her foot, no sign of brown spot, hole is healing well, but her foot was swollen and her ankle. I thought I wrapped bandage too tight, so I sprayed her again with Blue and kept her in quarantine pen another day. Just got back from work and she laid an egg ( first one in days ) but her foot is still swollen, ankle looks better. I wanted to know if there is any antibiotic I can give her? Because it's a foot injury the pen I kept her in was a carry cage I use for my cat, one of those hard plastic ones, so I know she hasn't been running and walking a lot on it.

Shouldn't the swelling be gone by now?

Thank you
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It may just be residual swelling from the surgery and the tight bandage. You might see how it looks tomorrow. Procaine penicillin G injections 1/4 ml or cc can be given into the breast muscle 1/4 inch deep daily for 4 days. Use a 20 gauge needle and alternate sides daily. Those can be bought at most feed stores in the refrigerated medicines. Of course, if you have a regular vet, they can give you oral medication that may be better. Let us know how it goes.
Definatly will do, thank you so much, I'll give her one more day before I break out the syringe. My local vet does goats but not chickens. Hope I'm just panicking, hatched her from an egg last year. Thank you so much again!
Hello, just wanted to let you know, today was the fourth day of her penicillin shot. She has laid an egg every day for the last 3 days ( I have thrown them away due to the meds ;-) Her foot looks a little bit better, but swelling really isn't down enough to say yea to. I don't want to give her any more than the 1/4 cc, I'm scared to give her more than the 4 days you suggested even.

I rotated breast and NEVER gave shot in same spot. I've given her some fresh veggies on top of her regular feed, and her poop looks actually normal. Is there anything else I can/should do? Or just keep waiting and watching?

Thank you so much

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