Symptoms of a Weak Chicken...Suggestions Please...

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    Jun 26, 2012
    So here are the symptoms of my bird...She just started laying January 4, so she is very young. I noticed last week that her back end has been pecked (missing feathers) just before her tail plume, just thought that was from other birds picking on her. Today is when I noticed her weakness. She is still walking, but it just seems to be a little weak. She seems to be keeping to herself and sometimes in the coop. She has her beak open alot and it is not hot and it seems that she has some kind of spit on the outside of her beak. when I go to look at her and hold her kneck she holds her mouth other birds shake their head normally trying to free my hand. 5 days ago I sprayed nematodes on my lawn and two days later it rained heavy. Nematodes are said to be safe for all animals and humans. I have also laid dried molasses on my compost and just outside of my compost bin on top of the fire ant piles to get rid of them and just after I put the dried molasses on the fire ant bed a few days ago she went over and ate the molasses and I'm sure she got a few fire ants too. The dried molasses makes the fire ants mad and drives them out. Could she have gotten stung by fire ants? and if so will she heal or will the fire ants hurt her where she cant drink or eat? Thank you for any suggestions. Oh and after the rains I always try and dry out the coop with fresh pine shavings and they get 7 to 8 hours a day outside of their coop. Thanks!

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