T_T I have to re-home one of my hens...



And im not happy about it!!
I have known since I got the poor hen that Roopert *my rooster* despised her. But like all pecking order, I thought he would relax after a while.
Well, tonight was the final straw...I went down to lock them up, only to find that he had chased poor F.O.N. (Freak.Of.Nature.) out of the coop and kept her out of the coop.
I had to wait for everyone to fall asleep before I put her in it. (She has a hiding place I made for her that she always goes to. Poor thing is always getting beaten up.)
I just dont have the heart to put her threw it anymore

And im going to miss her!!

Actually thats a her, shes a brown leg horn, shes just got a HUGE comb.
lays an egg every day T_T Im guna miss her...
Is she a welsummer? We have one that looks like her just a smaller comb and we had another one but she was mean to ,Kellog our current welsummer, but her comb flopped over like that too. Her eyelid is bent in such a way that she all ways looks mad and I don't like her but my sister does. Aww I feel bad for you shes so pretty, hope she goes to a good home!!
Because hes so friendly with everything else.
He doesn't attack our dog, or cat, he has fought of numinous hawks, and he sent all the girls including F.O.N. into the trees when a skunk came into the yard.
And I can pick him up and handle him which is a plus, and he comes when I call him lol.
I figure its best to find her a good home then to part with him.

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