tables turned.....


10 Years
Feb 8, 2009
South Western Kansas
My husband and i went on a short trip to town this afternoon, when leaving every thing was fine on our farm........when i got back around 4 p.m i walked across the yard over to the coop, only to find that 2 of my hens had specks of blood on there beeks and head.......there was a small trail of blood at the bottom of the ramp to the coop and some out side the coop leading awy from it.......judging by the little bit of fur we found and the blood my chickens finally tough the anckle bitter across the street a lesson!!!
Oh yeah, I'd go see if their dog is ok, and send them the coop repair bill and the vet checkups for your birds... dog bites are nasty and no tellin if they were bit with all those feathers.........
You go hens!!
Good for them, stupid dog, and owners too!
turns out the little dog got hurt by my hens.....theses people can't aford vet bills nor a dog of any type but yet this little guy keeps roaming my farm for food......this is there second dog since they moved here a few months ago

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