tail feathers being pecked off


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Jul 22, 2010
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my 25 week old EE has been missing tail feathers for a couple months now and they aren't growing back? do they not come back at all once they're lost?? also, she now is frequently pecked there and bleeds every so often. i just wash it and put neosporin on. yesterday I noticed that the upper part of her vent was swollen. is this just from the pecking or could it be infected?
my coop is big enough to hold 15-20 birds. I have 11. and the run is a square 10' by 10'. no one else gets pecked and i never see them do it while im around. i try to let them free range about 2 hrs a day but its hard with school and band. i dont really know anything i can do to keep them from being bored. i do have a perch set up in the pen that they like to sit on.
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I hang corn on the cob in my run to give them something to peck at.
I got 4 little chickens that had no tails when I got them. There was a plucker in the pen or maybe more than one.
Mine are growing theirs back. Keep stipic powder on hand in case you need to stop some bleeding. I got mine at a pet store that specializes in parrots but most should carry it since it works on dog nails as well.
If it has been going on long enough that she is without tail feathers for a few months it may be best to make a separate area for her or rehome her. They may be in the habit and unable to just leave her alone.
Not sure about the vent.
ok i'll try to get some of that powder. it doesnt happen often enough to make me worry about rehoming her but her feathers just arent growing back.
You can try no-pick lotion (tastes bad) but it looks like molasses and stains. I use rooster booster pick no more lotion when they are chicks and in the brooder if this happens.

I would try to nip this in the bud so it doesn't progress to cannibalism.

Also they sell a black salve.

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