tail is down

pamela johnson

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Jul 13, 2017
chippewa falls wisconsin
tail is down and she waddles like a duck belly seems low to the ground been soaking her in warm salt water everyother day sometimes i think it helps others time i don't think so. used to sleep with the rest of the chicken now she sleeps in the layer boxes doesn't perch at all. i someone said water belly so i tried to take that out and it didn't look like the same fluid i saw on youtube so i quite that and went back to soaking her don't know what to do anymore cannot afford to go to the vet for a chicken i need help
How old is she? Has she laid eggs recently? Her symptoms can go along with internal laying, egg yolk peritonitis, or ascites. What do her poops look like? There may not be much you can do except try to get her eating and drinking, and make her comfortable. Antibiotics may or may not help her. Does she still go out with the other chickens in the daytime? When I have had hens doing this, sometimes they may get an impacted crop or sour crop from the pressure in the belly slowing down crop emptying. When they stop eating or the others start to peck them, I usually put them down and do a necropsy to look for internal laying and check the other organs. Here is an article to read:

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