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Aug 7, 2012
My d'uccle mille bantam laid her first 2 eggs yesterday and today!! (so excited!) ; should I leave them in the nest box if I want her to hatch and raise eggs in the spring or should I take them? Will she choose to be broody when she wants to?

She isn't acting broody at all, just not sure if I should take the eggs away.

You want to leave those eggs for her to hatch in the spring? They will be pretty rotten by then...

OK seriously, you can't make a hen go broody, they just do it when they are ready, whether you leave eggs in the nest or not. Take the eggs away and eat them. If she does go broody in the spring, then you can put eggs under her.
When I want mine to go broody I have wooden eggs the right size and shape that I leave in the nest. It doesn't mean they will go broody but it greatly increases their odds. Once I know they are sitting (in the same nest for two days not getting up and about) then I give them eggs to set on assuming I want chicks (but who doesn't want chicks).

I'd take the eggs and wait for signs she is broody before leaving or putting eggs under.
When she goes broody, she will stop laying and sit on the nest.

She will growl at you if you come near.

So, wait until she sits on the nest for several days and shows some spunk - don't trust her with eggs until sitting for a week or so if your eggs are valuable.

Yes, as kizanne says, put some fake eggs in there- like golf balls or purchased fake eggs. That also supposedly helps to prevent egg eating, and encourages them to lay in the proper place.
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