Take out the eggs that didn't progress?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by bzbrown, Oct 20, 2011.

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    Day 15. Shipped eggs. Candled yesterday, very obvious lack of development in a few, like totally see through. We left them in overnight so we could research a bit more but I'm thinking the ones I know 100% are not gonna hatch can go out now right? I read a lot of post where some leave eggs in for the full amount of time, regardless of development.. Is this the general practice? This is my very first batch, homemade incubator, 2 eggs for sure have some action going on, 5 not sure, and the rest crystal clear empty.
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    I allways take out any clear or non developing eggs when I candle................ I mean if you know they are clear and won't produce why leave them in the bator, it doesn't make any sense............ what !!!! are they going to all of a sudden start developing and hatch...... No chance so why risk it.
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    Take them out, you don't want them to explode all over the good eggs.
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    Generally eggs are candled at ten days. At that time you should see significant growth from the embryo. The ones that are clear can be tossed out. All the eggs should look very similar in growth when candling. The ones that are not showing as much growth have either already stopped or will be too far behind the others once it is hatch day.
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    Thanks. Of the batch we're down to 3 hopefuls. I learned last night I do not have the stomach to "open and investigate" like I thought I would. My husband investigated last night, and this evening. 1 at least attempted, 3 no go. But they are shipped eggs. I've reduced the batch to the ones that were obviously not developed.

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