Taking Birds you didn't know where sick back


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Feb 7, 2010
South East Kansas
I bought a sebastopol goose saturday. She went straight into the quarantine pen as do all new birds on my place. I knew she had a little bit of bumble foot and when i went to treat her today i picked her up and she sounded congested. When i first bought her she had some slimy stuff around her nostril/bill but all the geese i was choosing from were all scared and were doing that spit up puke thing so i just thought assumed it was that (i know never assume). Any way she sounds almost like she has a cold and i don't know what it is.

When i bought her the seller said nothing about the bumble foot (she didn't know about till i pointed it out) or anything about her having any illness which i figure is due to lack of observation.

So my question is, do i take her back and get a refund? I really don't won't to risk getting my other birds sick, i do have baytril that i can administer but since i don't know what it is i don't know if i can treat it. The seller didn't have a no-return policy, and i know it didn't get it from the quarantine pen or my birds.
First step would to be to call the owner or visit very politely (call first) to talk about the bird. You might be able to get some help that way. I've bought roos that turned out to be hens and vice versa.... I just kept them because in the big scheme of things for me it wasn't worth a confrontation.

I'm glad you had the bird in isolation. Now I would spray your vehicle with a great disinfectant and clean your shoes etc you had.

Good luck !
since you know the goose has bumble foot, you should get that treated. i dont think you should bring the goose back, if they were all sick there its not like you could trade in for a healthier one. but keeping her in the quarantine pen is a good idea for now. what are all her symptoms?
Geese do a spit up puke thing????

I would take the bird back for a refund immediately unless it was a really superb individual that I just really had to have and couldn't get elsewhere. In that case, I would demand either a partial refund or a guarantee that I could get the bird to live.

It's too easy for birds to die from respiratory things and there are some bad contagious diseases that have respiratory as a symptom. You take a huge risk if you keep the bird. Sebastopols aren't cheap.

Perhaps a bit of antibiotic will fix it up. But I'd rather let the seller deal with it and take the risk that the bird would die.
Upon buying the seller and i both saw she had bumblefoot, But none of the persons birds were deemed sick (that the person knew of)

It ended up working out. The seller was very nice about it and gave me a refund. She said she was going to go and take the goose to the vet and have her checked and to get some antibiotics.

The goose was hand raised and i really liked her but with all the birds i have on the place i don't won't to make anything else sick.

Today when i get home i will be scraping the litter into plastic bags that will go into the trash (burn barrel) and the water tubs will be dumped and sprayed with a bleach solution along with the sides of the pen...any thoughts on preventative measures for what doesn't get scraped out on the ground? maybe go ahead and do a light spray of bleach solution and let set and then put fresh litter tomorrow? How long should i wait before putting birds in (3 days, a week, a month..)?

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