Taking my duck to the vet, tip?


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Jun 12, 2014
So I just set up an appointment with a vet in my area that works with ducks for a wellness checkup for oreo (my duck) and I was really excited because this is her/his first vet visit until it dawned on me....oreo is going to freak out. Here is a small background story, I originally had 2 ducks oreo and coco and I bought them when they where about 3 wks old. Coco passed away when he/she was about 1 month old and oreo is currently 3 1/2 months old and we've been considering buying another duck but, we don't really have the money because my father lost his job (he barley got another job) and the only reason I was able to set up a vet appointment was because I sold my old drawing tablet.
Anyways oreo is close to me then she isn't close to me...meaning if I'm just sitting still she will approach me (sometimes), when its time for her to go play outside she will follow me around and when I walk away she'll get upset and want to come back inside with me or when I feed her food/snacks she'll allow me to get near her (and pet her if im lucky). Other than that she will run away from me >.< Ofc she is VERY wary of other people as well.

I just have a gut feeling she will freak out at the vets :/ Are the vets used to situations like that, should I maybe bring her food or something so she'll calm down? But, then she might poop everywhere o-o...I don't know T-T

Anyone ever take there' duck to the vets? If so how did you calm you're duck?

Ps. The reason I'm taking oreo for a wellness checkup is because my mom is very iffy about oreo because I have 2 younger siblings and she doesn't want them to get sick...
I have taken ducks to the vet several times.

I have a safe travel carrier for them - it is a dog crate. I put a couple of old towels in the bottom. I provide water for them, because if they get car sick (yes, car sick), they must have water or there is a slight chance they will choke.

Here is the no-spill waterer I made, thanks to Kim Link at Majestic Waterfowl. She has a whole page on traveling with ducks.

I have a pyrex bowl, and a ziploc container with lid. I cut the middle of the lid out, leaving about an inch around the edge. The pyrex bowl holds the ziploc container.

Like this. They pyrex also helps catch splashes. I carry a bottle of fresh water, as well.

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I put mine in a cat carrier small enough that the duck that's in it can't thrash around. Most ducks don't appreciate being scooped up and put in a carrier. Some people put sweaters or coats on them to keep them from flapping and potentially breaking a wing, but you can also wrap them in a towel you secure with large safety pins. If you do that, make sure the pins are securely latched so they don't snap open.

Does you mother have some reason to suspect the duck has something contagious to humans? If you take it to a vet with a request like "just to make sure it's not sick," and can't tell them anything that seems to be wrong, they're likely going to want to do blood tests to be able to offer you any assurance.

Too funny, I have a duck named Oreo!

I have taken 2 of my ducks to the vet on separate occasions with little stress for the ducks. One for a leg injury and the other for a fox bite. Both were treated the same way, I guess for similar concern of infection. The vet weighed them, gave them a shot of antibiotic and gave them oral pain medicine in a little syringe.

The most stressful thing for them was when I put them in the carrier. I did not put water in carrier (I was told ducks could not vomit but that did not come from a doctor so I do not know for sure). Mine seem to be very calm once in the car.

The sweeter duck with the fox bite actually let me hold him with his bill up under my chin the entire time. My big male Pekin was less scared and wanted to check out the exam room, was very curious and undaunted by the whole thing. Myself, the vet and the assistant held him for the shot but just as a precaution because he was on the floor. I have a video I will try to post later.

We could hear a goat in the next exam room. A bit surreal, funny and unusual experiences.

One more thing, if you are near central North Carolina, I would give you a duck or two if you want.

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