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7 Years
Apr 27, 2012
Hunterdon County NJ
I just got five 8-10 day old chicks and the first night the orpington was pecking the heck out of the molted java and one of the easter eggers. When it was relentless and had one pinned in a corner I gently nudged her away. Today the same easter egger who was getting pecked is kicking butt on the orpington and a second easter egger joined in. The non picked on easter egger is however, a nudge when it comes to the food. Anytime another chick gets close to where she is eating she body slams her out of the way and jumps all over her eating area. Believe me - there is plenty of food to go around. Is this normal that they go back and forth and that one seems to be food protective? I am getting three more chicks tomorrow (the final three) and was wondering how long it takes for them to stop pecking and get a long nicely.

Here are the two scappers sitting nicely after a chick snit - go figure!

Here they are eyeing each other up before the scrap the little molted java got stomped on in the process- wrong place wrong time.
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