Tale of two Roos

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    Hey everyone,
    We have two cockrel, a frizzle cochin, and a bufff orpington. The buff is big and mean, the frizzle is sweet, but somtimes mean. Today, I heard a horrible screech and looked out the window (everyone was free ranging) and saw both boy beating up on my favorite hen Gracie. Butternut (the orp) was mating her and pecking her neck viciously, and his brother was standing in front of her pecking her head. She was struggling. Butternut had his fill and left, and so did the frizzle (Sunshine). Gracie lay there in a heap for a few seconds and I thought she was seriouly hurt, but she got up and hid in the woods. I am soooo mad at the boys [​IMG]. My question: if I get rid of one, will peace return to chickenville? They have done similar team ups and my ladies are frazzled. Help, I need advice!

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    12 hens or 12 chickens total, counting the roos?

    Too many roos. Keep the sweetest one and re-home his brother if you want your hens to get any peace.

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