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    May 20, 2012
    Talent everybody has one but not like an Arckiues. Every Arckiues or (Ark for short) is born with one pacific talent that they are supposed to keep a secret and hide it from humans. An Ark lives on in a normal human life but they have to hide their beautiful talent.

    Name: Jai
    Age: 15
    Appearence: A Beautiful girl who has an awkward eye problem she has pink eyes with a small bit of redish flare that sometimes look demon like. She has black hair that has honey amber highlights that shine most often in direct light. She usually wears a small mini skirt and a tank top with big white boots that are made out of wolf fur. She has a small fur pouch that has 6 beads on the left and 5 on the right.
    Personality: Loving and Nice to Nature she paints it like 24 7
    Talent: Art
    Username: GIRFREAK
    Gender: Female
    Crush/GF/BF: N/B




    - All BYC Rules Apply
    - Be Nice
    - No Fighting
    - Be Respectful
    - Don't Be SO Dramatic
    - Be Creatice Don't just put he has black hair be descriptive. (I'm very artistic so I love to see creativeness)

    Have Fun!
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    Mar 29, 2012
    Name: Mason
    Age: 16
    History: He was dropped off at the doorstep of a carpenter as a baby. There, he learned how to carve and make things.
    Appearance: He stands at 6' 2'' already, and he is still growing. His thick hair is golden brown, with a few black streaks and red highlights. His eyes are the deepest blue anyone will ever see. He is muscular from his years of carpentry, and he is extremely handsome.
    Personality: Kind, stubborn at times, and frank. He is a little rough around the edges, but is very loyal once he gets to know you.
    Other: None
    Talent: Creating things
    Username: LittleLady98 (or RPer98)
    Gender: Male
    Crush/GF/BF: None

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