Talk about a fun day...


8 Years
Apr 8, 2011
Yesterday my brother shot a weasel in broad daylight! Now my grandfather who is not in his right mind thinks that putting them back in the large dog crate is safer than their crate, when the weasels could do cartwheels through the bars.
My mom and I are sitting there banging our heads against a wall.
I'm really surprised that it came out in the daylight. Talk about a bold weasel. I guess the cat needs to do a better job at killing them (he's incredibly lazy and the only thing he will kill are cardinals, juncos, etc.
Bad news.... if there is one, there is another to take it's place. Same with minks. Very territorial and WILL come back. Their schedule could be after a week, a month, two months. Be aware! Be careful!
It's fine, my dog will get them if they come around and there are also a bunch of owls, eagles, osprey, and hawks around so they'll help (birds of prey can have their benefits to a poultry owner.)
I was just really surprised that a weasel would come out in broad daylight. Even my mom was surprised about it
and she's been around animals her whole life.
Weasels hunt quite frequently during the daytime. That is not unusual behavior at all. Was it a male or female? If a female, you can almost bet that there are young in the area.
The weasels around here are always out in broad daylight - except when the hawk is flying around. I'd suggest getting some outdoor hunting cats or a dog that will chase them out of your yard but protect your ducks.

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