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    Mar 28, 2007
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    thought I would add my two cents on how to hand tame chicks.
    I bought two barred rocks to add to my 3 buff orps, (yes feed stores are a problem)
    and they were pretty wild, hard to catch and handle.
    We discovered they cannot, cannot, resist gold finch seed, niger seed,
    In two days they were running at us screaming for seed, leaping off the perches into our hands.
    so every night my mom and I go out for ten minutes, feed seed and pick them up, and hold them and feed them.
    The smallest buff orp is the shyest and hardest to get, we lock up the barred rocks and the big orp chick and work on getting the last two into our hands.
    Then we let the barred and buff out, they run as fast as they can for that finch seed.
    Corn does not have the draw, or spinach yet, they are not three weeks yet.
    just starting to really grow and shed feathers.
    it has worked well, now we have five tame chciks that come when I call

    which i need with backyard birds,
    next adventure is out of the coop into a x pen for the first taste of grass.. stay tuned.....


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