Tapeworm in stool, losing feathers


Oct 28, 2012
New Hampshire
Hi all. One of my Pekin girls, Bev, had a cough last month. I put her and the rest of the flock on VetRX and VermX. She isn't coughing as much now, BUT I recently found a dead worm in their droppings that looks a lot like a tapeworm.
Bev has also been losing a lot of feathers...at first I thought she was just a late molter (the others have already gone through their molt), but today when she flapped her wings, it was truly alarming how small and stumpy her wings look. It reminds me of my WH Nellie when she was very sick last year. Nellie eventually passed, even after antibiotics (we suspect she swallowed something)

I want to start Bev on a dewormer ASAP. I've combed through these threads but haven't found a conclusive answer on the best dewormer for a duck when one suspects tapeworm.

Advice, please?
I've seen adds on line (especially from England where duck eggs are popular) for various poultry wormers. You could also call a vets office or ask at your local feed store.

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