Teddy Bear Hamster named Hanna

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    Feb 12, 2011
    So I recently got a hamster from the local pet store and I want to build her an awesome cage with tubes. Where does everyone get there tubes and can I house more than one Teddy together?
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    Any pet shop should have the tubes. I have been looking at TB hampsters for my daughter. I have not purchased one yet but I have seen many kept together in the store.
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    Apr 15, 2011
    Unlike many other rodents, hamsters tend to be pretty solitary and territorial. I would not personally house more than one at a time for pet purposes. Syrians (ie. teddy bears) are likely to injure or kill other hamsters, and it is generally strongly recommended they be kept separate.

    Hamsters are great little pets so long as you respect that they are often grouchy and on the defensive when disturbed from sleep. Have fun with yours. [​IMG]
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    teddybears (properly known as syrian hamsters) are SOLITARY...
    they are kept together in the pet store (frequently to the dismay of the people who have to clean the cages every morning of blood and half eaten hamster bodies) becuase most petsotres 1: dont realy care and 2: dont have the space to give them each the required space, and 3: they tend to be "ok" together untill sexually mature.

    housing 2 adult syrians together in most cases results in a very trumatized child, they are solitary.

    dwarf hamsters however (chinese russian ect) can and do prefer to be kept in same sex groups...

    but the "teddy bears, panda bears, goldens ect (all just "sell names" for the different colors and coat types of the syrian) are solitary.

    in temrs of tubes and fancy cages...NOT worth it..hamster chew and plastic doesnt last long at all...
    they are also noctournal, meaning when your awake to see te enjoy it, they are snoozing somewhere ignoring you...

    what i woudl suggest for a syrian...

    get a 10 gallon aquarium and something like this

    its called a tank topper.

    take the tubes off the thing because in that position they wont be used for anything more than chewing and peeing in (hamsters are not great climbers and cant get up those verticle tubes.

    fill the 10 gallon tank about 1/2-3/4 full of sterile potting soil or PINE shavings, carefresh or other paper bedding (never use cedar)
    personally i would use dirt ill explain why in a few mins.

    if the topper doesnt come with a ramp, make one out of a whatver you can find. toss in a teracotta plant pot and the carbdoard tube from the center of a toilet roll and even sprinkle the top of the dirt with bird or hamster seed mix.

    i say dirt for a number of reasons...
    1: its natural, hamsters dig, and burrow and in a glass tank its actualy alot of fun to watch them make a full burrow system in the bottom tank. it also stays "cleaner" than shavings or paper bedding as the soil can use much of the poop and amonia...youll be a full cleaning less frequently. plus you can use it as a grow box so hammy can do what comes naturaly forrage for seeds and greens. by scattering some millet and giving it a spritz the seeds will sprout and the hamster will be able to graze naturally on the greens that grow!

    you have to have a cage topper though because 1: they need more space than youd think...and 2: ventilation...putting a screened lid ona 10 gal tank ist enough, a topper gives the added ventilation and the "outdoor" space too.

    yes it will be much harder to get the hamster out ot "play with" but remember they are solitary noctournal animals and dont realy WANT you taking them out to play with, they dont NEED your companionship, however many can be rained to come to the door of the cage with treats and enticed out...

    this kind of set up where you cant get to hammy as easily actually makes the hamster more secure and less likely to bite.

    syrians are CUTE..ill give them that, its what petsotres rely on to get them sold because quite frankly...as a kids pet, they are LESS than ideal..they dont need companionship from hamsters or you...tend to be nippy (there a prey animal afterall) and sleep ALL day!
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