Tell me best way to introduce new chickens


8 Years
Apr 24, 2011
I want to add one or two new hens to my flock of three. I am almost done with a new coop and thought that might be a good time. I was advised to quarantine the new ones for two weeks first though and to keep the new ones near the existing ones. I have a small wire dog pen, like 2x3 foot. Could I use that? Would I just keep them in that for two weeks, that doesn't sound like a good idea, maybe for one??? Or should I just toss them all in the new coop at the same time?
You wanna introduce 2 or more hens to the flock, never just 1 but when you introduce them the other hens will fight with them. Then after a week everything will mellow down and the hens will finally accept the new ones.
The best way i have found is to keep in a pen next to them for a few days and when they are not paying attention such as sleeping slip them in quietly and most of the time they are not smart enough to realize the new occupants. Since you just have a couple they might not notice at all.
As long as we are talking about birds of approximately the same size or age, I've found that it will go much easier if you add the new birds after they have gone to roost.

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