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    OK, So I finally got ahold of my big black girl, and she is neither a JG or a Australorp. Her feet on the bottom are the same color as her legs, like a grey color. So i'm just going to assume she's not pure anything! LOL!

    I also went, just to be curious, and checked my 9 week old black, that I thought was a Jersey Giant, because that's what she was supposed to be, well actually she was SUPPOSED to be a SLW, but when I called them about her they said they also had Jersey Giants, and that she may have gotten mixed in with the SLW, and because when she was 4-5 weeks old the bottoms of her feet WERE yellow. Well, turns out she's an Australorp I think. The bottom of her feet are pink!

    I originally posted pics of her on another thread that I started, but didn't get any response, I think because it's older.

    Here she is with one of my Golden Comets......

    And here is a pic of the bottom of her foot.....[​IMG]

    Sorry she wouldn't let me get a better pic of the bottom of her foot, it's kind of hard trying to hold it and take the pic at the same time. LOL!

    So tell me, is she an Australorp? Because that's what i'm quite sure of now, after looking at her feet.
  2. to me yes, but she has poor feathering, tail wise, mine had a much fuller tail by then but im no expert (and YES it was a hen)

    cute little birdie

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