Telling male and female Khaki Campbells apart?


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Jan 31, 2013
Can you tell if Khaki Campbell ducklings are males or females at 2 days old? I am planning on buying 4 ducklings in two weeks and will be getting them when they are 2 days old (I think) can you tell if they are males or females just by looking at them?? I don't want any males:)
You can tell by vent sexing but that's the only way at this age and it's doubtful they'll let you do it before you buy them as you could hurt them if you do it wrong.
The only way to ensure you get exactly the sex you want is to order from a hatchery that sexes the ducks before shipping them. They will charge and extra per bird fee to do this but it is worth the extra $1-$2 per bird to have it done.

Best of luck with your new flock and be sure to periodically post lots of pictures!
OK thanks but I am getting them from a friend and neither of us know how to do it! Oh well I will just hope for all females!!

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